Session Descriptions

Athletes of all abilities are welcome! 

Session Descriptions

Each session is uniquely customized to the athlete’s preferences and needs. Video analysis is offered to analyze the swimmer’s techniques and track improvements. The Jade Swim4Life program offers a combination of fitness motivation and technical services to improve an athlete’s confidence and swimming skills.

Below is a brief description of some of the programs that are offered to athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Beginner Athletes

It is never too early or too late to start swimming. Jade Swim4Life offers a comfortable and professional coaching style to help swimmers develop basic water safety skills and meet their first fundamental milestones in the sport. With younger fish I focus on promoting comfortability and awareness in the water and having fun! With beginning adults I focus on developing stroke techniques such as kicking, gliding and floating.

Fitness and Leisure Swimmers

Swimming is an amazing way to promote fitness and improve focus. Many people choose to swim for fitness or leisure reasons and may be interested in improving their training habits and developing an efficient training regime. This program is designed to help swimmers build an effective swimming program and ensure they are practicing safe habits in the water to maintain fitness and health.


To become a lifeguard, the swimmer is expected to complete a 400m swim in a certain amount of time otherwise they cannot be deemed safe enough to become qualified. Maintaining your swimming endurance and speed is part of your responsibility and duty as a lifeguard. This program is designed for those interested in improving their water safety skills and the safety of their community.

Open Water Swimmers

Triathletes, Iron Men and Women and open water endurance swimmers face challenges such as climate and current. This program offers acclimatization techniques and has a focus on physical and mental endurance, power and training techniques. The video analysis service is a great way for athletes to ensure they are training powerful and efficient techniques that will not cause injury. Best of all, you get to keep the footage as a future resource!

Competitive Swimmers

If are looking for a unique way to improve your technique and refine your race strategy for the next competition, then Jade Swim4Life is right for you. This program is designed for swimmers who are striving to reach a qualifying standard and are looking to develop their stroke technique, physical and mental preparation and training habits. Video analysis is an amazing way to critique your own swimming and provide a platform for feedback and progress tracking.