Video Analysis

Get customized underwater video analysis of your stroke!

Video Analysis

We are living in a highly explosive technological world today and videography is a tool that can be manipulated to improve athletic training structures. Video analysis allows you to track your progress and actually watch yourself swim, no matter age or ability.

It is really easy for someone else to point out technical improvements regarding your technique and stroke, but imagine you could sit down and actually see yourself swimming. With Jade Swim4life, you can! Jade Swim4Life incorporates video analysis into your workout sessions so you can watch yourself swim above and below the water.

Over a full session period, an athlete is able to focus on particular aspects of the swimming stroke, track improvements and take home a valuable keepsake that can be accessed at any time for reference.

Easy manipulation of the underwater camera allows the athlete and coach to focus on specific technical aspects of a stoke such as underwater pull, kick and body position.

Training repetitively with an improper stroke may cause injury after a period of overexertion so it is important to train with healthy technique. Jade Swim4Life can help you create a safe workout plan that also promotes speed, power and endurance. The learning curve in swimming is quite steep, if you are taking your first strokes in the water, videography is a great way to document these moments.

So how does this work? In a nutshell, video footage is taken during the first workout of the sessions, this focuses on particular aspects of the swimming stroke that has been requested by the athlete. Coach Jade develops, edits and pre-analyzes the footage and brings your first video to the second workout. The athlete can now watch themselves swim and start analyzing and improving their skills with the help of a professional coach. Footage will be taken during each session and a swimming video portfolio we be created during your time with Jade Swim4Life. At the end of your sessions, you will be provided with a copy of your videos for reference and enjoyment.

The Equipment

Jade Swim4Life uses a GoPro Hero 3 that offers an ultra wide angle HD 1080 lens that can be used above and below water. It is safe for swimming pools and lakes so we can get out into the open water for some training. The GoPro is attached to an extendable arm that can be manipulated to get the desired angle quickly and easily.

The video footage is downloaded onto a laptop that is equipped with a compatible visual display and software to edit and manipulate the footage. Your completed video will then be sent to you via e-mail. Thats it! Now you can enjoy your footage, share it with friends, family and other swimmers and have access to a unique training and tracking resource at your convenience.


Intensive Video Session

A three hour, jam packed, intensive video session. Please contact for pricing.


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